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Components Of Identity

Corporate Identity Process

Corporate Brand Platforms

Corporate Brand Matrix

Decision Trees


Guidelines And Standards Manuals

Implementation Checklist

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How does it work? What's it all about?
Here are some key tools used in diagnosis, planning and management of identity solutions.

Components Of Identity >

The three kinds of components that need to be understood, to determine and shape an institution's identity

Corporate Identity Process >

The four universal phases of an identity program... analysis & planning, creative development (naming if needed, and design), application design, and documentation/launch/maintenance.

Corporate Brand Platforms >

The six strategic foundations for planning, designing and managing institutional identity

Corporate Brand Matrix >

A comprehensive tool for planning an institutional rebranding. In a sense, it is an attempt at a 'universal theory' of corporate branding... essentially on one page, with clarity and transparency.

Decision Trees >

This powerful tool controls naming and branding decisions throughout the corporation, in a way that everyone can understand and accept.


Naming >

A disciplined approach to naming

Guidelines And Standards Manuals >

Here are some on-line examples of the documentation required to maintain great brands

Implementation Checklist >

The corporate media that typically need to be audited and (usually) redesigned

Useful Links >

to associations, and leading firms


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