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This site celebrates the use of corporate identity as a management tool, and credits corporate leaders and designers around the world for outstanding work.


JCPenney, by Unimark!

Iberia, by Interbrand

Avenor College
by Storience

Yahoo! Identity Forum
Post by Paul Burke

Yahoo! by its CEO,
Marissa Mayer

Pride Agenda,
by Brandlogic










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Noteworthy corporate identity work
Newly launched logos worth noting; who made them, for which CEO, and why.   
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Other corporate or category branding
...of passing interest, noted for the record.


Identity design work of excellence, done pro bono (or at significantly reduced rates).



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 Identity issues:
What makes a logo "great?" Are we running out of names? etcetera. Ideas, thoughts, observations on a variety of identity issues. (Also see Identity Forum)
Archive: Logos
of our times

Annual reviews as published in "The Conference Board Review;" other articles by Tony Spaeth.
Useful identity tools
One approach to how it's done; components, process, and disciplines.

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to associations and leading firms
Tony Spaeth / Identity
The identity consultant's background, clients, major cases, and affiliations.

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On Identity Forum, a global list of identity experts – leading designers, strategists and corporate brand managers – share their thoughts on corporate branding matters.

Also see our Corporate Brand Matrix,
a CI database and a powerful planning tool
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